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Current interests

Now to my newest fandoms and obsessions…since I decided to do a post of what I’m into right now (that doesn’t include the Twilight movies/books or fan fiction. Lol ;)) Check out my previous posts- I rec’d fan fiction in them =)


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New Moon review...two months late =)

So, months later, I finally get this posted…lol. It took me watching the movie three times to get this finished. Lol.


Summation- Before I get into detail:

·          Taylor Lautner IS Jacob Black. Boy did wonderful!

·          Kristen Stewart does emo-and-zombie!Bella really well…other than that…eh…

·          The wolves looked AMAZING. But, I think everyone knows that’s how I feel about them =)

·          Pre-Wolf Jake is fucking pretty. Post-wolf Jake is ohmygodsofuckinghot.

·          Robert Pattinson is WAY more attractive when he’s NOT playing Edward Cullen.

·          Ashley Greene is adorable as Alice

·          Billy Burke is MADE OF WIN- has been since Twilight.

·          The humans, especially Mike and Jessica, rock my socks.

·          The sparkles made me laugh...hard. But, they always do.

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Top 10 OTPS (favorite couples)...Plus honorable mentions

I have been planning to do this entry for, like, way over 2 years now, but I wasn't planning on doing it until I posted everything else I wanted to post...but, turns out, I did this first. And it was FUN, although HELLA HARD TO DO. I bought Photoshop earlier this year, so this is my first picspam with Photoshop. The photos belong to their rightful websites/owners, but the coloring/editing effects are mine (as are the descriptions/reasons why I like each pairing)!

So, this is a small picspam that details my top 10 favorite pairings I've ever watched on TV, read about in books, etc.

My QAF friends will be happy to know that a certain couple made it's way to the'll see =] That should be a hint to some of ya’ll: this picspam DOES contain some boy-on-boy love…but there isn’t any graphic nudity. There is also some language (most of it is my

And you hardcore Twilight peeps will probably flip out when you see what couple made it's way to my top 10 and which one didn't :evil laugh:
ENJOY! The picspam features couples from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Queer as Folk, the Twilight series, and so on!

And I do realize quote a few of the pictures contain quotes that have ‘I love you in them’…I didn’t’ realize that until much later…sorry…but those are some of my favorite quotes…I also had to fit the quotes on the pictures without covering too much of the pictures…so yeah…=]

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Best of 2008 Part 3 of 3
The 3rd and final part of my Best of 2008's the first picspam I've done in this style (all 3 parts)...


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Best of 2008 picspam Part 2 of 3
My favorite things in 2008 picspam, part 2 of 3.

Yep, it's almost been a month into the new year of 2009, but I still had to do this! One more part to go after this!

Feel free to comment/friend me. =]

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Favorite things in 2008 picspam (Part 1 of 3)

I had so MUCH fun doing this...let's hope LJ doesn't screw me over again...

I got this idea from the community fandompicspams (where I will soon be linking to this post from, once I finish all the other parts). It's a little late...seeing as it has been 2009 for weeks now (lol) (HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE, BTW!), but think of this as referring to 2008.

Have fun!

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Twilight movie review

Omg. Twilight. Movie.


Oh and this is late, like, a month late…but, I really wanted to post this…it’s long…like, really long…:tries to stop saying ‘like’:

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my favorite movie quotes part 2
I found these saved on my computer and decided to share them with ya'll...and also decided to post them here so I can delete the file...There will probably be one more part after this one, which I'll post...eventually.

feel free to use these quotes for whatever...they aren't mine. The copyright belongs to the movies' makers/the movies' themselves! I even wrote little notes after each movie title...idk why...




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Fandoms a-plenty!
This was fun to do, btw!

Stolen from amandil12 (LJ is not letting me link this person's name...)
so, thanks to her for posting her own verison of this...and let's hope she'll allow me to steal her questions and answer them for myself for my favorite fandoms/TV shows/books...=]

I don’t know what to call this…but it details my fandoms (books and TV shows) and what I like/don’t like about them…I guess that’s a good enough explanation…

I tried to do each cut with a quote from the show/book series..whichever one popped into my head first...but if you don't know where the quote's from, the LJ cut will have the name of the 'fandom' at the end of it...enjoy! feel free to read it all, or just your fav fandoms!

My top 10 (hottest, cutest, most beautiful) celebrity men

Sorry I haven’t updated it in a while…but, I make up for it in this entry: My top 10 (hottest, sexiest, most beautiful, cutest) celebrity men. This list has more to do with their looks then their acting abilities…the acting if some of these guys is kinda covered in another meme/picspam coming up (see info behind cut)…


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