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My top 10 (hottest, cutest, most beautiful) celebrity men

Sorry I haven’t updated it in a while…but, I make up for it in this entry: My top 10 (hottest, sexiest, most beautiful, cutest) celebrity men. This list has more to do with their looks then their acting abilities…the acting if some of these guys is kinda covered in another meme/picspam coming up (see info behind cut)…

Just so ya’ll know, this was incredibly difficult to do- picking only 10 guys that I found the most attractive… refer to for the last time I did this…a bit has changed since then, since I’ve been discovering new guys/actors. This was all inspired from


…and I also got the idea to do a top 10 Favorite fictional characters from her entry as well…but that’s after I do this…A few of these guys- the people they play have gone on that top 10 fictional characters list, so I’ll be talking about their characters much more in that entry.

Now, on to the ‘my Top 10 most attractive men’… (Similar to


’s organization…but different…)

I was freakin’ surprised when I found out over half of these men are 30 years old and above. OMG. The ages range from 21-44 years old.

It's numbered from number 10 to number 1. (keep clicking the pics- they get bigger!)

10. Randy Harrison

Age: 30…are you kidding me? Without that insane beard he still looks like he’s 20 years old…will he ever age? Hell, even with the beard he doesn’t look much older than 25…

Nationality: American

Where do I know him from? Justin Taylor on Queer as Folk (U.S.) (2000-2005)

Comments: I have a new favorite blond, but Randy’s still pretty (if he ever gets rid of that beard…face it, Mr. Harrison, you’re gonna look like you’re 20 for the next several decades, no matter what) (He looked his best in QAF seasons 3 and 5- only because I liked the hair then…) With blue eyes, a ‘sunshine’ smile that kinda makes you grin like an idiot when you see it (as long as it’s a real smile), an ass that’s so ‘baby got back’ it’s ridiculous, pouty lips, and beautiful, flawless, pale skin, Randy Harrison squeezes his beautiful self in the top 10.

9. Paul Walker

Age: 34

Nationality: American

Where do I know him from? 2 Fast 2 Furious (I saw the sequel before the 1st movie…so this is where I saw him first)

Comments: Guh. His boyish looks still get to me (the blue eyes and blond-ish hair)…as do his perfectly sculpted abs. He’s also got model-like good looks. That about sums it up. =D

8. Djimon Hounsou

Age: 44…I thought he was in his 30s!

Nationality/where from: Africa (not because he’s black, folks…he REALLY was born in Africa)

Where do I know him from? Beauty Shop, Blood Diamond (he was fantastic in that movie!)

Comments: The oldest on the list…and my new number 1 most attractive black man. My mom and I love this guy- she’s got a crush too. His accent is a turn on…as is his deep brown skin and his ridiculously cut body that a 40 year old should not have (no offense to anyone!)! Sorry, Tyrese Gibson, but this man takes over your spot on my top 10 men list.


7. Ed Westwick

Age: 21…whoa. He’s only a few years older than me…

Nationality/where from: England (I promise: I had no idea he was from there…)

Where do I know him from? Chuck from Gossip Girl…I told myself I wouldn’t watch that show, but I gave in and started watching it online recently…I’m up to episode 11…

Comments: Screw Chace Crawford (‘Nate’ on Gossip Girl), Ed Westwick is one fine guy. As I said before, despite telling myself I wouldn’t watch Gossip Girl the series- since it is way different than the books- I gave in and became addicted (I actually prefer the series to the books now…). The character of ‘Chuck’, played by Ed, is much more likeable than the one in the books…except he’s not gay. ‘Chuck’ is supposed to be gay, but I guess the TV series missed that (I still like the TV series better though…I’m hoping they’ll end up making him at least bi-sexual…)…ok, enough rambling about Gossip Girl the book series vs. Gossip Girl the TV series. Anyways, I love Ed’s voice- or at least the voice he gave ‘Chuck’ on Gossip Girl- it’s smooth and sexy. I found myself immediately drawn to him because of that voice…and then, I realized he’s very good looking. I love the hair and his style. And as ‘Chuck,’ he was very cute when he found himself falling for the ‘Big Bitch,’ Blair (played by Leighton Meeser)…

6. Robert Pattinson

Age: 22

Nationality/where from: England

Where do I know him from? Cedric Diggory from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire…but soon I’ll be seeing him on the big screen again as Edward Cullen from the movie Twilight, based off the book Twilight.

Comments: Let me get straight to the point: Robert Pattinson is PRETTY. OMG. I always thought he was cute when he played ‘Cedric’ in HP and the GOF, but when I found out he was cast as ‘Edward’ in the upcoming movie based on the book Twilight, where he plays, according to the narrator/main character, the most beautiful person she’s ever seen, and a vampire, I realized he was pretty enough for that role. He’s another guy on this list that has model looks…and I’m totally digging the tousled hair =]


5. Mark Wahlberg

Age: 37

Nationality: American

Where do I know him from? I first saw him in The Departed and loved his character, so I looked into his work and saw him in his Marky-Mark days…GUH. More on that later…

Comments: :fans self: Jesus. This guy’s body is a body I would love to see uncovered over…and over…and over again. Back in his Marky-Mark days, this man was hardly seen with a shirt on, revealing his defined abs and huge arms. Now this man, folks, has one of the best bodies (yes, Gale’s is beautiful, but he and Mark run a close tie in the ‘best body’ category- since they both have 2 different body types!) Not only is he HOT, Mark is a respectable actor. He’s made a huge turn around since his bad boy days, and he was even nominated for ‘The Departed’ (in which he was the only one of the extended cast in that movie to not get killed- ah, that was an incredible ending to an action packed movie).

Yes, I’m attracted to the bad boy image- and this man should always walk around without his shirt on.


4. Gerard Butler


Age: 38

Nationality/where from: Scotland

Where do I know him from? I first saw him as the Phantom/Erik in the movie The Phantom of the Opera.

Comments: A man who fits my general type; dark skin, dark hair, and blue eyes. Oh, and a ripped body that he shows off considerably in 300. DAMN. I love his accent…its uber-sexy (lol…I haven’t said ‘uber’ in a while…). Plus, this man can sing! He’s no Michael Crawford (who is the best Phantom), but he’s almost as good.


3. Van Hansis

Age: 26…really? I thought he was actually younger than that…

Nationality: American

Where do I know him from? Luke Snyder from the soap/show As the World Turns

Comments: “WHOA! Where did he come from??”…I know, I know- suddenly a new guy in my top 5 pops up on the list! As I have recently become addicted to the Luke/Noah storyline on ATWT over the past few months thanks to YouTube, Van Hansis (‘Luke’) has caught my eye (more on the character of ‘Luke’ in another upcoming picspam/meme). Not only is he a fantastic actor (er…for a soap), he’s absolutely fucking adorable. Most fans prefer Jake Silbermann (‘Noah’) over Van- which Jake is a hottie- but, I’m not gonna lie: I find Van Hansis to be WAY prettier! Lol. I haven’t seen a smile like his since…well, since ‘Justin Taylor’s patented ‘Sunshine’ smile. Although they seem to change his hair every episode, I prefer Van’s hair blonde…although, some styles in the brown are acceptable. =] I do think Jake has the better body, but, my god, Van has such a beautiful face…and nice lips/mouth! :cough:…And his eyes-OMG- I’ve never seen such expressional eyes…ever. This man portrays all his emotions when he acts through his big, brown, puppy-dog eyes.

And when the fuck did he becomes 26 years old? He looks like he’s barely 20!

2. Julian McMahon

Age: 39…he’s almost 40. Damn.

Nationality/where from: Australia

Where do I know him from? Christian Troy from Nip/Tuck

Comments: As a metro sexual (Julian McMahon confirmed that in a magazine interview…er, I think he was talking about himself…but idk), Julian McMahon knows how to dress, keep himself clean, and look GOOD. I was introduced to him on the series Nip/Tuck, where he played the straight version of Brian Kinney, Dr. Christian Troy (more on that character in my top 10 favorite fictional characters picspam/meme I’ll be doing soon). Yet another man with features I’m usually drawn to in a guy: dark skin, dark hair, and dark blue eyes. He looks fine in his black undies, and despite his recent weight gain in the most recent season of Nip/Tuck (although he never was completely ripped), he has a face to die for. Shit, I can even handle the hairy chest (I prefer me guys mostly hairless on the chest- but he’s an exception…lol). He’s got a nice smile too…

1. Gale Harold

Age: He’ll be 39 tomorrow…omg…he’s almost 40…

Nationality: American

Where do I know him from? Brian Kinney from Queer as Folk (U.S.) (2000-2005)

Comments: Despite the fact that he’s aging, he still looks good…and in his days as Brian Kinney, he was at his most beautiful and sexy as hell. (More on the memorable character of Brian Kinney in another meme/picspam) (I still think he looked his best in QAF Seasons 2 and 3) Gale is gorgeous, and as I said in a top 20 hottest guys picspam a while back (linked at the beginning of this entry) where he still was number 1, he’s unbelievably gorgeous. I detailed how this man has the most perfect back, shoulders, and arms that I’ve ever seen…in his B.K. days he did have the body I find most attractive in men- slender, yet still with somewhat defined muscles. Gale is perfection. Not to forget, the man is a dork…of course, I already knew that…as Peter Paige quoted: “Gale is a dork- in a god’s body.” No one could have put it any better. 

honorable mentions: Peter Paige, Robert Gant, my new favorite leading man- James McAvoy, Johnny Depp, Charlie Hunnam, among several other men that didn't make my top 10.

I hope ya’ll enjoyed this…I know I enjoyed making this- it was fun to do! I’m off to do some housework, but please comment! I miss talking to my F-list…

Ignore my spelling/grammar mistakes… 

credit goes to a million sites I can't remember right now...most of these pics I found through google...



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Some on here I do not even know who they are. But I did enjoy all the pictures. Gale is beautiful isn't he?


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