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Current interests

Now to my newest fandoms and obsessions…since I decided to do a post of what I’m into right now (that doesn’t include the Twilight movies/books or fan fiction. Lol ;)) Check out my previous posts- I rec’d fan fiction in them =)


Singers/Bands (Current faves)

Taylor Swift

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Red (I recommend every single song by them. They’ve officially become my favorite band. My personal favorite song by them is ‘Start Again;’ it brought tears to my eyes)

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Songs (current faves) (a.k.a., the songs I’m playing on repeat on my IPOD)

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TV shows (couples I ship are in parentheses)

Tru Blood (Bill/Sookie, Tara/Sam, Tara/Jason)

Caught up with this online this year. I don’t have HBO, so I’m glad I found a website that has the episodes! This show is so wrong, dirty, sexy, vulgar, doesn’t hold back, outrageous plot lines…and I LOVE it for that! This is what real vampires are like, folks! They don’t sparkle! They drink blood, have lots of sex, and live in Louisiana…okay, that last part was added on just for the heck of it. lol. I love the setting, the story, everything about this show. Jason, Bill, Sookie, Tara, Lafayette, and Sam are my favorite characters…shoot I should just say they all are; I like all the characters! I’m dying to read the book series ;) And I’ve taken a liking to the opening song, despite how disgusting the credits are. Lol.


Glee (Finn/Rachel, Puck/Rachel, Will/Emma)

Why, oh why, did I wait to get into Glee later? This show is quickly becoming my personal favorite! I’m a sucker for musicals (I like every single musical I’ve watched, and there have been a ton of them) and music in general, so this series immediately captures my heart. The stories of the characters, the humor, the music, people that can actually sing and dance, and of course Sue Sylvester (Queen Bitch right there! I love her character), make this show my new favorite =) Lea Michelle (Rachel) and Cory Monteith (Finn) are my favorites in regards to characters and singing voices, but the rest blow me away as well. My personal favorite parts of the show have been Finn/Rachel, Finn’s struggle with being a football player and wanting to be a part of the Glee Club member, Quinn’s pregnancy (emotional moments, with her and her parents and Finn not being the father), Sue’s surprise mentally disabled sister (so Sue actually wasn’t entirely a bitch!), and Kurt’s relationship with his father.


Lie to Me

OMG. I need new episodes of this show, like NOW. I miss it so much! Tim Roth as Dr. Cal Lightman OWNS that show; I love his character! I like how original this show is and how it’s something I’ve never seen before, with the idea of picking up on facial expressions or movements/body positions to determine if someone is lying. I am madly in love with the song that plays in the credits (‘Brand New Day’ by Ryan Star). That show has, so far, my favorite opening credits.


American Idol

I’m rooting for Lee and Crystal to be the Top 2, and for Lee to win- I love his voice; it reminds me of Chris Daughtry, meaning, I have a feeling even if he doesn’t win, he’s going to do good…I mean, Chris Daughtry did better than the Top 3 people COMBINED when he was on American Idol. Not winning was the best thing that ever happened to him! The talent had been epic this year…and I totally lol’d when shortly after Miley Cyrus helped them one week she said she was done with music. I literally screamed ‘Hallelujah’ because that girl cannot sing! I guess after being around all those talented singers, she’s really seen how much she sucks at singing.


Vampire Diaries (Stefan/Elena, Damon/anyone, Jeremy/Anna (I think they’re cute))

Okay, so it’s WAY different from the books…Elena is not a brunette, she’s blond, Bonnie is supposed to be a red head, and Stefan isn’t supposed to look like Edward Cullen, but whatever, I could care less, because Elena is no Bella Swan; the girl has a backbone and friends, and she reacts correctly when she finds out Stefan’s a vampire. I prefer this to the books, actually, because of all the stories they keep coming up with. Damon and Stefan were cast perfectly. I have the biggest crush on Ian (Damon); he’s just like I imagined him in the books, and he’s cocky, sexy, and sarcastic.


Gossip Girl (Chuck/Blair, Serena/Dan, Dan/Vanessa, Jenny/Nate)

I like the show way more than the books…WAY MORE, except I’m peeved because Chuck’s supposed to be gay! But I do like what they did with his character, and all the characters. I can’t stand Serena anymore, but I couldn’t stand her in the books either. I HATED the Serena/Nate/Blair storyline in the books, so I’m glad they haven’t spent much time on that. And man, oh man, do I LOVE Blair/Chuck (at least early on before he said ‘I love you’). I’m glad they’ve finally put Vanessa and Dan together, because that was the only pairing in the books that I liked. Jenny’s my personal favorite character (the girl’s got killer style), even if she can be a horrible bitch, and so are Blair and Chuck. I’m a fan of them making Serena’s brother gay; I like that they squeezed that in somehow, even if Chuck’s the one who’s supposed to be gay! I also like the Rufus/Lily storyline- I just like those characters in the TV series…could care less about them in the books. Oh, and Ed Westwick’s American accent is the sexiest thing I’ve heard. I find him less attractive when he talks in his British accent…and that never happens. I’ve always found guys with British or Australian accents to be damn hot, but not him…



How awesome is Heroes? Ordinary people with awesome superpowers? Sweetness! I still love this show, even if its charm faded after the first season (I miss Nikki/Jessica). Sylar is by far the best villain I’ve ever seen. I miss him when he was bad through and through. In fact, I miss him when he was going back and forth between good and bad...Bring back old Sylar, damn it!




Jacob-Black-n-Pack- my new favorite place to hang out ;)

Best of Youtube

Project Wedding- I’m a Photography major and weddings are SO beautiful, so I’m madly in love with this website, especially how everything is arranged in tags (color themes, etc)

Luxury Homes- once again, because I’m Photography major, I like pretty things. It’s insane how huge, expensive, and beautiful these houses are! I can catch up with my favorite TV shows for free!



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