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Twilight movie review

Omg. Twilight. Movie.


Oh and this is late, like, a month late…but, I really wanted to post this…it’s long…like, really long…:tries to stop saying ‘like’:

So, I went with a friend the first day it came out. Both of us had work, so we didn’t go to the midnight show. Now, we’re both Team Jacob, so we had the completely awesome shirts on from Hot Topic (I love the design!). Now, of course, we were greatly outnumbered and people STILL ‘fed us’ their ‘Jacob-hate.’ I was like ‘seriously, STFU.’ BUT, I walked out to go to the restroom and had a girl scream ‘go Team Jacob!’ when she saw my shirt (she was waiting in line for the next show). So, I was like, ‘OMG! :so happy:’

Besides the fact that we were outnumbered, we WERE ‘representing!’

Ok. Enough of that, time for me to ramble about the movie. Spoilers ahead: be warned.

(I apologize for my horrible grammar. I don’t talk or even write like this, but this was just as quick as I could get it without going into detail. I always write ONLINE like this…)

-the people in my theater laughed at basically everything…I did too…idk why… I just found so much of the movie utterly hilarious, even when it wasn’t supposed to be. Is that weird? Especially Edward in the bio lab scene at the beginning

-OMG. The ending. Jacob and Edward giving each other the evil stare/glare. OMG. That was made of WIN and complete AWESOMENESS! Like, you have no idea. I was so not expecting that. My friend and I were like ‘they better make New Moon and Eclipse!’ (Edit: they’re totally making New Moon! Yay! More Jacob! And lots of hot guys…with their shirts off…throughout the entire movie…[guh. Taylor. If they let him keep his role…ugh. Bitches. :hates Summit:.])

-Did anyone else notice how many hints there were to the next books and the whole vampires and werewolves are enemies thing? They were everywhere. =]

-I was seriously worried that Taylor couldn’t play Jacob the way I had seen him when I read the books. But, OMG, he did a great job! I was surprised he was in the movie as much as he was! I loved when Bella smacked him with the truck door in the first scene and the one where they bump shoulders (or w/e) later on. So cute. =] I could already see the ‘best friends’ thing starting up. The wig DID bother me, but I was to distracted by his ridiculously gorgeous smile (especially in the first scene) too complain too much. =] My friend was like ‘he’s kinda hot…’ when he first showed up. I was like, ‘yay!’

-Rob as Edward- I thought he did a pretty good job. And Rob IS attractive. That man shows so much emotion through his facial expressions. I loved how his accent slipped out a few times. And he def. played up the creepiness factor, especially when he said ‘I’ve been watching you sleep for months now’ and, of course, ‘You’re like a drug to me. You’re my own personal brand of heroin.’ :is sufficiently freaked out:. My friend and I (and others) were like ‘Now, that was downright disturbing.’

-The sparkles. They sucked. I’m not gonna lie. And that entire scene that happened around the sparkles was just so CHEESY. I got over it, but…y’ know? It was so rushed, which I hated…

-I thought K. Stew did a good job. I actually kinda like Bella now because of her. But, I really hated the whole ‘I don’t care if you can kill me in half a second. I want you!’ I was like ‘OMFG.’ I know that’s what Bella is like…which is why I’m not too fond of her. Oh, and K. Stew’s so pretty. I never realized that…but she really is. Have you guys seen her photo shoots? The girl has a natural beauty that I am SO JEALOUS of. Oh and I think she did a fantastic job in the scene following James biting her- the writhing around, in pain, all that…I really liked it. Props to K. Stew for behaving realistically as the ‘venom’ went through her.

-CHARLIE. Best character ever in this film. I can not tell you how much I loved Billy Burke as Charlie. He was excellent! I loved the scene where Bella tells him she has a date with Edward and he cocks his gun and says ‘Bring him in.’ lol. I almost cried in the scene where Bella leaves him towards the end. There was a lot of emotion in that scene and he just looked so heartbroken. Both Billy and K. Stew were great in that scene. And Charlie and Billy Black’s interactions were so entertaining, esp. the wheelchair scene in the beginning and the whole ‘I’m down with the kids.’ Lol. Billy Black is so GANGSTA.

-Carlisle was SO GORGEOUS. He was not supposed to be that attractive in my mind…but OMG. I think I completely flipped out when he popped up at the hospital aka his first scene. ZOMG.

-ok…the makeup for the vamps was badly done. I could see in some scenes where the makeup just ended. The color of the gold eyes on the vampires was beautiful, but you could tell they were contacts in the one shot that’s a close-up of Edward’s eyes. Yeah. You can. Oh and the red eyes on the bad vamps were freakin’ sweet.

-Victoria was FIERCE. And gorgeous, of course. And James’ creepy cocking of his head was so animalistic…like, that’s a vampire for ya!

-best abs go to Laurent, followed closely by James in this movie…lol. (:cough: Taylor’s got the best abs in real life: cough: I’m officially going to hell for drooling over his jailbait self…but that boy is HOT :cough: )

-Mike and the humans! Mike was so adorable! I felt so bad for him in the scene where he’s trying to ask Bella to Prom and she just tunes him out. I wanted to smack her, and say ‘Miiiiiike! I’d go to Prom with you!’ =] and I lol’ed when he was ‘booty-dancing’ outside the window when Charlie and Bella were eating at the diner. I loved all the humans, they were so perfect! And Eric’s ‘La Push, baby!’ (I just couldn’t help but think about the wolves and the next couple of the books during the La Push stuff…hints galore in those scenes, esp. Edward’s ‘it’s a bit crowded’ line. Damn right it is. Bring on New Moon, baby!)

-Nikki Reed is NOT pretty enough to play Rosalie, but she did alright with the ‘bitchiness towards Bella’ factor. She IS pretty, but she’s supposed to be ‘the most beautiful woman in the world’…and she’s not…but, everyone has their own opinions .

-the kissing scene. Ok. I liked it…well, at least the first part. I kinda liked how it took them forever to kiss, because it was so awkward- like first love should be! =] and then Bella is ALL over him (yeah, that’s Bella in the books too…) and he…pushes her down on the bed. Ok, first off, I didn’t mind that; but the 2nd time I saw it my friend pointed out that ‘That move is SO NOT Edward.’ And I was like ‘hot damn. (not really…lol) you’re right.’ Edward has way more control than that…

-Edward’s growl! I didn’t notice it until the second time I saw the movie (with my best friend), but when I did I completely was like ‘HOSHIT. Did he just growl?!’ It was when he saved Bella from the guys. They completely backed up when he growled…It was so low, that it’s almost hard to catch, but it’s there. And I thought it was pretty cool! Sorry. Shoot me. Lol.

-the cheesiness of the flashbacks while Jacob tells Bella the stories at the beach. Hahaha…I’m literally laughing at how horrible the flashbacks were…lolz. =D :is dazzled by Jacob/Taylor’s smile and blindingly white teeth in that scene: huh? What? Oh yeah…flashbacks…lolz…The Cullen’s in their Victorian clothes? I mean wtf? So cheesy. :lacks other vocab words for ‘cheesy,’ but understands that you get the point, right?:

-Edward and Billy stare down. OMG. Bring on the werewolf vs. vampire story mmkay? Plzthx. Anyways, that was awesome, and the music=probably my favorite score from the movie. That was some hardcore ‘burns holes in your eyes’ glaring going on. Hello hints, baby. Oh and the scene afterwards, where Billy teases Jacob ‘Jacob here couldn’t stop saying how he wanted to see you again.’ Jacob, “:sarcastic: Thanks dad.’ Aww…such a boy with a crush. =] :iz adorable:

-baseball! I though the music fit that scene quite nicely…although, I felt there could have been MORE in that scene. The running didn’t look to good…but damn did Jasper look good in that hat or what…:coughs: And did Edward flick Emmett off, or did he just like snap his fingers? Lol. That whole scene was fun to watch! And OMG enter in sexy bad vamps :gets distracted by Laurent’s abs…ahem…:cough:: I’m sorry if I’m such a 19 year old girl…;D

-every single guy in that movie was so attractive. The 3rd time I saw it (with another friend…we’d both already seen it), we literally spent the entire movie going ‘ooooo…’ and ‘awwww…,’ and ‘now, he’s gorgeous’ to every single guy. We were so loud…lol. The 2nd time I saw it, my best friend and I went crazy over how ‘I’d tap that’ to every guy. I’m still laughing just thinking about that! Lol. We left the theater on a Twilight high and made up a song, laughing hysterically the whole time, about all the Twilight series’ boys.

-Embry (?)! Why didn’t he say anything! He’s so cute. :is mad: Sam’s face looked hilarious at the beach scene…:laughs: :is still blinded by TayTay’s PRETTY smile:

-the dance between Edward and Bella at the end. Loved it. :quotes Forrest Gump: ‘And that’s all I’ve got to say about that’… But, wtf? Where was my Bella/Jacob Prom dance? Whatevs. The glare between Edward and Jacob made up for it…haha and ‘the wolves descend’ line. And Victoria staring out the window and taking her hair down. Now that’s bad ass. Lol.

And I can probably find more to say, but I’ll stop here.

All and all, minus the cheese factor, I did like the movie a lot.

Feel free to comment away…and add me as a friend. I’ll comment and add back. =]



ZOMG. Christmas is coming up. Christmas is my fav holiday. I LOVE being with my fam.

And OMG. I passed all my classes in my first semester: 2 A’s, 1 B and 1 C. hellz yeah. I kept my over 3.0 GPA. Go me!


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Hooray for Stephanie Meyers, greatest BYU alum EVAR!!!!

heck na. biffle, once you graduate, YOU'LL be the greatest BYU alumni.


Nah, I think Steve Young might still have a little bit of fame on me...

Yeah I like the movie ALOT too. LOL

Congrats btw XD

I thought

and thanks! =]

That scene in you're icon was really sweet, but I can't help but be disturbed by edward's 'I've been watching you sleep for months now.' um, ok. stalker.


Yeah it's kinda obvious isn't it? ROFL

No i get that. but for me.... *points to my icon* LMAO


you crazy Team Edward

kidding. I'm Team Switzerland...kinda...

:points to icon:



honestly, I am Team Switzerland- only because I knew throughout the whole series that E/B would end up together.

I just like Jacob, A LOT. unlike 95% of the Twilight fans.



Lol believe me Mel I'm not a Team Jacob hater. I love Jacob. I just like Edward, well the Rob lol a bit more. XD

Watch it or I'll call you a hater. :P LMAO

i wonder what will be more successful/popular in the long run, Twilight or Harry Potter

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