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Best of 2008 picspam Part 2 of 3
My favorite things in 2008 picspam, part 2 of 3.

Yep, it's almost been a month into the new year of 2009, but I still had to do this! One more part to go after this!

Feel free to comment/friend me. =]

Clicky! They get bigger!

Sexiest men (Added to my list this year) (Including one I should not be crushing on because he’s 16 and I’m 19, which is not legal!)


Actors that blew me away this year with their skillz (lol)

Not pictured: Amanda Seyfried in Mamma Mia! (Only because she can SING. OMG. and well too!)





(I read Twilight in 2007, I just didn’t read the other books until this year…after I found out it was being made into a movie)


Websites I am still obsessed with as of this year, and others:


TV shows (shows that I got into this year)


Fav. characters (in books and TV shows):

Sylar on Heroes, Angel on Angel (the Series), Jacob Black from the Twilight series, Brian Kinney on QAF (he never ceases to amaze me when I watch any clips from that show)

remember to click the pics- they do get bigger!

Part 3 will be up eventually



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Awesome spam bb!
Haven't seen you around in ages!


I know. I've been MIA due to school and work. I do have several picspams planned to do though, including the last part of my 'best of 2008' picspam...

I made a resolution to try and be more active in LJ this year...I wasn't so active last year...but idk what'll happen. When I don't work, I'm in school; when i don't go to school, I'm at work; when i have free time, I'm doing homework and TRYING to hang out with friends.

ugh. I'm rambling.


Love the rambling. LOL
And yeah real life can get in the way a lot. You just do what you can!!
Hope all is well ♥

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