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Best of 2008 Part 3 of 3
The 3rd and final part of my Best of 2008's the first picspam I've done in this style (all 3 parts)...


Be sure to click the pictures! They get bigger (some get A LOT bigger), and you can see those that have several pics a little better! =]

Girl crushes/fav actresses (I am not a lesbian, I just think these women are beautiful [and talented], and really wanted to post some pics of them) (a.k.a. they’re actresses I came to like this year and a few I’ve liked for a while):


A little tidbit about my feelings for Blair/Chuck- I like them…even though it’s not canon according to the Gossip Girl book series…oh yeah: because he’s supposed to be gay. Damn writers for screwing up the whole thing (although I do really like the Tv series…better than the books actually…but, wtf! I want my gay Chuck!)

a tidbit on Jacob/Bella of the Twilight series: (keep the hate to yourselves, mmkay? Plzthx.)

happy now?


Best moments

Each moment:

David Cook wins American Idol and David Archuleta places as Runner-up- no 2 performers have ever deserved those positions on American Idol until these two genuinely nice, kind men did (except for Chris Daughtry- but who cares, he’s sold over 3 times more albums then the people who placed before him, and he’s the one that’s burning up the airwaves)

Seeing ‘In memory of Heath Ledger’ in The Dark Knight’s credits…oh and his performance in that movie too.

Obama wins President- I didn’t vote for him, but it is a defining moment in our country’s history.

Paul Potts’ performance on Britain’s Got Talent- I only watched it on YouTube this year, but I literally cried when he sang. It was incredible.


(Some) YouTube vids that deserve recognition (or just [some of] my fav. YouTube vids) (most deal with Twilight [movie] and Twilight series) (you shoudl check these out):

Crashed- Twilight/ Midnight sun

New Moon/Eclispe Parody-ravenclawLDS89 (check out their behind the scenes Twilight parody as well…all hilarious!)

Twilight Trailer spoof- EvilIguanaProduction

Dark Knight Trailer spoof- EvilIguanaProduction

New Moon Trailer- tiffanyd666 (this fan made trailer is literally the best I’ve seen on Youtube…check out her other trailers too!)


People I hated:

Miley Cyrus (she can’t sing worth shit and she’s downright annoying!)

The Jonas Brothers (ew.)

The Edward/Bella fans that hate on Jacob. Seriously-STFU. We Jacob-lovers are no where near as mean as them. If you’re an E/B fan and you don’t hate Jacob, I officially love you (:cough:


:cough: :sends you hugs and kisses:)

That's it for now. =]

More picspams from me coming over the next several months 9i've got a lot planned)

Feel free to comment and add me as a friend. I'll return the favor.






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