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New Moon review...two months late =)

So, months later, I finally get this posted…lol. It took me watching the movie three times to get this finished. Lol.


Summation- Before I get into detail:

·          Taylor Lautner IS Jacob Black. Boy did wonderful!

·          Kristen Stewart does emo-and-zombie!Bella really well…other than that…eh…

·          The wolves looked AMAZING. But, I think everyone knows that’s how I feel about them =)

·          Pre-Wolf Jake is fucking pretty. Post-wolf Jake is ohmygodsofuckinghot.

·          Robert Pattinson is WAY more attractive when he’s NOT playing Edward Cullen.

·          Ashley Greene is adorable as Alice

·          Billy Burke is MADE OF WIN- has been since Twilight.

·          The humans, especially Mike and Jessica, rock my socks.

·          The sparkles made me laugh...hard. But, they always do.


Now to the detailed stuff: Beware: Spoilers!

Okay, first off, I saw this movie the day it came out (which was also my birthday)…sorry this took ages to finally post! Lol. Anyways, my best friend and I were lucky enough to score a crowd that didn’t ‘boo’ or scream like a bunch of fan girls, and only laughed at the funny parts and cheered at the end. Of course, we also went to a 9pm show…so we probably got an older crowd, thankfully.


‘Remember Me’ was shown in the previews, you know, Robert’s movie that’s coming out? He is 457539839829209 times more attractive when he’s not playing Edward Cullen. I honestly think playing Edward makes him…unattractive (he wasn’t too hot in the movie…). But he looked fucking gorgeous in the ‘Remember Me’ preview.


I was surprised there was so much Taycob in the movie; I figured there would be too much Edward, but Chris Weitz did well. It stayed pretty close to the book, much closer than the first, which was awesome. ILY, Chris Weitz!


Before I begin, I’m not saying the movie was spectacular. Yes, I liked it. I freaking loved parts of it…at least it was better than Twilight, and it was so pretty to look at! Lol.


Opening sequence was good. It was neat how they had Bella in Volterra and then her in the dream.


Lots of Bella/Edward kisses, but whatever, the Jacob/Bella tension is so there. The Team Edward peeps shouldn’t be able to deny that anymore…:insert evil laugh: Honestly, I wasn’t really feeling the love between Edward and Bella. I’m trying to say this from a Team Swiss perspective, but the dynamic between Tay and Kris as Jacob and Bella was so much more believable.


The humans were awesome. Mike and Jake’s banter before the movie was hilarious. ‘Aren’t you a little young to get in?’ Jessica in the ‘adrenaline junkie’ scene was perfect, with her big words and rambling. Lol. I love Anna Kendrick.


I’m totally doing this out or order and randomly, if you noticed. Lol.


Billy Burke is so much WIN as Charlie. He pretty much saved the Twilight movie for me and he was, once again, awesome in this one. I’m still sad there wasn’t much Billy/Charlie interaction though. I loved his comment about being a bachelor and a ‘famous ladies man’…lol and when he asks Bella in the end to never run off again, that broke my heart =( I really, REALLY, like Billy Burke as Charlie…did I already say that? Lol.


Dream catcher scene:  Jacob is so adorable and I love how Edward was jealous. ‘So, Jacob Black gets to give you a gift and I don’t.’ And Bella’s comment ‘Hello biceps.’ As well as another one ‘You’re, like…buff.’ Nice you noticed like we all did, Bella! Taylor is way too attractive for his own good…my friend was flipping out ‘How can he be that beautiful? It’s not fair!’ Once again, Taylor has muscles guys have to use steroids to get, or work there asses off to get (like he did)…and the prettiest skin, ever!


Body aside, I was so freaking proud of Taylor. He did a fantastic job. Acting improved a lot, for everyone, actually lol. I can say that he is Jacob. He delivered his lines well (although there were a few moments that were cringe-worthy, I’ll admit, but overall, he did well). That whisper before the almost kiss was cute. And I loved his bickering with Alice. Lol. ‘I’ll come back once you take the dog out’ (or something like that). Lol.


Bedroom scene. Oooooo…that sounded dirty…lol. Sexual tension, much? Shoot, I know what I would’ve done in that scene! Lol. Sleepy Bella, shirtless Jacob…loved the combination. And this exchange:

Bella: "Maybe we should just get out of here for awhile; just and me..."

Jacob:"You'd do that?"

Bella:"I would do it for you"

Jacob: “It's not something I can just run away from Bella....but I would runaway with you"

That line and the hair tugging…made my little Jacob/Bella heart flutter. And the hug was long, and there was snuggling at the end…did she almost kiss his shoulder/chest, or was I imagining things? That was one of my favorite scenes in the movie. And she practically felt up his abs…seriously, Bella, you should have kept going! Lol.


Twirly hug. Loved it, always have since we first saw it in the trailer…and the way he looked at her, awwww…


Montage with the bikes. I thought I’d hate it, but I did like it, and the song fit nicely. The pizza throw where Jake cleanly catches it without looking…loved it. Age banter. ‘So, what are you, like 40?’ ‘My size (or being generally bigger than you? Something like that…) makes me older’. And Quil. Lol. Quil. ‘I’m Quil Ateara’ :stares at Bella: ‘He likes you a little too much.’ ‘I’m not into that whole cougar thing.’ Nice stab, bitch. =/ except, you’re totally into him, especially the way you look at him.


Emo Bella. KStew did a good job during the zombie stage. I mean she looked so emotionless and dead. Especially in the Oct., Nov., Dec., Jan. sequence. That was neat, although it was a little long. The weather changing outside and Charlie’s concern and helplessness, since he didn’t know what to do…Yet again, I express my love for Billy Burke’s Charlie. =) Also, I really liked Bella sending emails to Alice and the emails returning as ‘unable to make it to receiver’ and her voice overs to her. It was really heartbreaking, and it was a nice change from the book. ‘I wish I could tell you about Jake…he makes things better.’ Awww…there goes my J/B heart again, bursting =( ‘Possibility’ is a beautiful, haunting song.


Almost kiss in car and snuggling. ‘108 degrees over here.’ ‘You’re just warm; you’re like your own sun.’ And she was practically on his lap…why Bella? Why are you so stupid?! And the ‘intense staring’ and the leaning in and the…fucking vampire. Fuck you, Alice, even though I like you. ;) Angry car punching…Tay you’re kind of (really) hot. And Jacob comes back in to the house with Alice and Bella- ‘I wanted to make sure you were safe’ or whatever…close enough) Awww!! =(


And WTF was up with all of the running or walking down the street and into the darkness? That happened, like, a million times. Lol


Almost kiss in kitchen. Fuck you, Edward…asshole…you had to call and Jacob had to be an idiot and answer the phone. Jacob to Bella ‘I’m doing it again, breaking my promise,’ about hurting her.  I want to know want he whispered in Quileute =/ And OMFG: their lips touched for a brief second- but they did. My friend and I were chanting ‘Do it…Do it’ then ‘Fuck you, Edward!’ And afterwards- Bella got so mad at Jacob and he looked like a kicked puppy =( (ha..puppy…)


Edward shirtless. Ewww…like, not flattering at all (My team Edward friend I saw it with the 3rd time said ‘he looks sick- he’s supposed to’ I was like ‘Sure…but still…gross…’) lol. RPattz: You have a face to die for- the prettiest facial structure/features EVER, but you don’t have a body…sorry…I mean, I’d still sleep with you, but you know…lol.


The Volturi. Battle scene between Felix and Edward was a nice addition. I loved the slow motion, then speeding up. And Edward’s face cracking and healing was creeptastic (lol. you like my made up words?)  And neat! Michael Sheen was perfect as Aro. Lol at the future scene (ugh!) with Vamp!Bella and Edward frolicking in the woods. How…Disney-like. And the sparkles: I still laugh every time I see them (at least the twinkling noise is gone.) Demetri’s hot- I’d so tap that (lol). He reminds me of Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl for some odd reason (maybe it’s the voice? Idk…).  Fight scene: awesome: Glad they including the smashing walls and such. Dakota Fanning as Jane: She was alright- not very scary though. She didn’t say much =/ Marcus and Caius were damn creepy, and I don’t think they explained their powers. I wanted that, though I’m glad they actually mentioned Jasper’s power in this movie; it pissed me off that they didn’t in Twilight. Does Caius even have a power? My memory sucks.


WOLVES. ZOMFG…so fucking AWESOME. They looked SO AMAZING…so big too, like they should be. I loved how they had the actor’s eyes cgi-ed in-ish, even facial features. I could see some Chaske in Wolf!Sam. Wolf!Jake was the prettiest though…duh. Meadow scene- wolves vs. Laurent. Sam emerging from the trees and raising to his full height, where you could actually see he was larger than Laurent, was pretty epic. And Jake-wolf passing Bella? One of my favorite moments in the movie- where he looks her in the eye and you see her reflection…beautiful touch, Chris Weitz. I’m glad we actually got to see a second of the wolves tearing apart Laurent- although I wanted the whole thing. It better be in the extended scenes on the DVD =/


Jacob vs. Paul. Movie!Bella has a backbone and slapped Sam and…Paul? How the fuck are they going to explain how her hand hurt from punching Jacob in the next movie. Rosenberg, you FAIL. Anyways…Jared’s ‘It’s too late now.’ Alex did well with the angry shaking- that’s what happened when the phase, movie people! Did we ever see that again? =/ I kind of lol’d at the wolves long legs, but the fighting was awesome. I’m glad we got to see that too…poor boat. Then Embry’s ‘Guess the wolf’s out of the bag’ and Embry and Jared taking her to Emily’s. Yet another sequence I liked (I just like the wolf pack…lol) Paul’s ‘sorry.’ Lol. (My friend and I said we wanted to best friends with all of them). And Sam and Emily kiss- cute =D Bella all ‘emo’ about that. Loved the pack’s interaction (it’s even more evident how close they are, watching the actors do interviews- Bronson, Chaske, Alex, Kiowa- they crack me up). And glad they included ‘so, you’re the vampire girl’ and ‘you must be the wolf girl.’ And…Alex is yummy. Lol. Chaske’s voice is a turn on…


Bella cliff diving/wolves chase Victoria/Harry dying sequence. Nothing really to say but that was my favorite scene in the movie- Victoria stealthily sneaking up on Charlie and Harry, Victoria doing acrobatics to avoid the wolves, Wolf-Jake and Victoria stare down, the wolves chasing her, aerial shot (bird flying slower than them and going, like, backwards- really cool), wolf-Jake looking over the cliffs, the music- just overall beautiful cinematography and effects. Bella cliff diving. Her and Edward in water, sinking- Jacob reaching his hand out to save her. ‘What the hell were you thinking?’ My thoughts exactly…crazy Bella…=/


Breakup scene in rain. I’m going to say ahead of time (major fan girl ahead!)… When soaking wet Taylor and his shirtless body (he’s almost 18! Can that day come quicker! I feel like a pervert!) came into the frame my friend and I freaked out. I kid you not. I was like ‘OMG OMG’ and I never fan girl…out loud. Lol. So that was…wow. Just, I can’t even think coherently with that image flashing through my mind…seriously…the boy is 17. It should be against the law to have a body like that! Anyways, that scene was done well. Poor boy was shivering and there was steam coming off of him…did ya’ll see that? Whoa. Angry!Jake is sexy, I’ll admit. ‘You can’t break up with me’ ‘This is me keeping my promise’ =(


Birthday scene! ‘It’s my job to protect you from everyone…except my sister.’ The Cullen’s house/living room looked gorgeous in that scene. I liked the mini-fight scene: Edward throwing Bella into the table and Jasper into the piano, Jasper being held back by his family, Alice trying to soothe him and Carlisle rushing to Bella’s side and raising his hand up in a ‘stay back’ gesture. I totally love Emmett: ‘Dating an older woman…hot!’ :insert Edward WTF face: Emmett, playing innocent ‘What?’ lolz. I think I ship Carlisle/Bella now, a little. That scene where he was stitching her up and the touches and the looks…are you sure you were just fixing her and nothing else happened? Lol.


Sort of beautiful scene. Okay I laughed (and drooled) when Jake took his shirt off. KStew’s ‘You’re sort of beautiful’ was spot on and Jacob’s heartbroken, sad face then ‘How hard did you hit your head’ and him helping her up…it all made my little shipper heart go ‘awwww’. I am so fucking glad they included that scene. I would have been so pissed if they left that out =O


Bella, Edward, and Jacob scene at end. Jacob scared the shit out of me when he appeared in the middle of road, looking like some serial killer from a stereotypical horror movie. Lol.  Anyways, ‘It’ll always be him’ was FUCKERY. Why should Eclipse be released if that’s already said? Rosenberg- I hate her and her Team Edward scripts. Ever heard of NOT taking sides, Rosenberg? UGH. I did like Bella telling Jake she loved him and his soft ‘Bella.’ Yeah, I cried. And he wolfed out (WTF? But I’m over that…) and she stopped him…and wolf-Jake’s eye welled up and you could see the reflection of Bella and Edward in it. So sad…but that felt like it should’ve been the end of Eclipse. Where was J/B hand holding and douche bag Edward pulling her away from his grasp? FUCK YOU screenwriter. Whatever. Bella watching him after he ran off and her ‘Jake’…heartbreaking. And I hated the ending at first with Edward saying ‘Marry Me, Bella’ and Bella’s intake of breath, then cut to black. But I love it now- It’s like she’s realizing Edward isn’t her world, and she realizes what she’s giving up for him…and she may possibly have feelings for Jake. Bring on Eclipse…and let me suffer the heartbreak =( Maybe Chris Weitz will come back and make a version of Breaking Dawn where Jacob and Bella end up together. I wish =/ I’m in the middle of re-reading Eclipse and…I don’t think I can finish it.


After the show, the first time, I saw it with my Team Swiss friend and she said, ‘I love Jacob! I’m team Jacob now! Why is Bella so stupid?’ I love that girl! And I converted her. (Another friend, who used to be Team Edward told me she switched over to Team Jacob after the movie. Yay!) I saw it a second time with my mom, who said ‘I still think she ended up with the wrong guy’ about Bella with Edward. The third time I saw it was with my Team Edward friend, who I still can’t convert. She said she hated what Jacob did in Eclipse (the forced kiss)…I don’t argue with her. She can’t be convinced otherwise. Lol.


Done- finally! I know I probably left out a trillion things, but this review is way too long…lol.





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This was funny.
"Angry car punching…Tay you’re kind of (really) hot."

I agree. lol

The bedroom scene - everything about it was perfect. And I immediately sensed the tension you speak of. Oh yes. It was my favorite scene.

Good review.

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