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Live Your Life to the Fullest

Love With No Regrets

I'm Melissa. Or Mel, Melly-kel, Meliqua, Meliquonda, Spirit McCinnamon, Melanie Elizabeth, cuz, M.E.W., etc. Curious about the nicknames?? Ask and I might tell. =] I love my friends and family more than anything. I'm a college student and majoring in Photography. I'm absolutely obsessed with Glee, Harry Potter, writing, and making icons/graphics with my new favorite thing: Photoshop!

Glee makes my week. I adore any and all types of music. Good music makes me smile =)

I'm not a homophobe. Haters, back off.

My journal consists of...picspams (see my interests. if I do do any picspams they're sure to be of those), icons/graphics, photos/possible artwork I create, surveys, thoughts, and so on. I'm pretty random. ;D

Talk to me. add me. whatevertheheck. I wanna meet new people that have similar interests as I do!